6 Signs That Indicate An Intervention Is Needed For Substance Abuse

intervention, symptoms requiring intervention

1. Doctor Shopping- If a loved one doctor shops then an intervention should be arranged. Many addicts will go from one doctor to the next trying to get the desired drug. Anyone who goes to several physicians looking for a specific type of medication has a serious problem and needs help as soon as possible.


2. Hiding Alcohol Or Drug Use- Individuals who drink or do drugs in secret need substance abuse treatment, and an intervention can be the beginning. Hiding the amount or the frequency that you or a loved one drinks or does drugs is a sign that an intervention is needed.


3. Neglecting Daily Responsibilities- Neglecting daily responsibilities like work, school, household chores, child care, and others may show that an intervention is needed. This can also mean a drop in school performance or frequent write ups at work for missing time.


4. Being Arrested For Substance Abuse- Any arrest for substance abuse means an intervention may be beneficial. The arrest may be for drug possession, drunk driving, or a wide variety of other offenses.


5. Exhibiting Withdrawal Symptoms- Physical and mental withdrawal symptoms may be seen if an addiction has developed. Agitation, irritability, and an intense craving for the substance that is abused can be seen.


6. Always Broke And In Financial Distress- Anyone with an addiction to a substance is usually broke and always in financial distress. Substance abuse is not an inexpensive habit, and money that should go towards bills and other expenses is often diverted to alcohol or drug purchases.