What Is Ice?

crank, crystal meth, ice

Ice is known as one of the most dangerous street drugs that can be abused, but what is it and how does it work in the body? This is the strongest type of methamphetamine available and it is found in a crystal form that is smoked instead of being snorted or injected. The high that the user gets is much stronger when the crystal ice form is used, and the risk of addiction is increased as well. This form of methamphetamine may also be found under many other names on the street, and these can include crystal, glass, crank, crystal meth, tina, paste,and many others. The user will feel an intense rush of energy and addiction is possible even with first time use. The heart rate and blood pressure of the user will speed up and their thoughts may become chaotic. Racing thoughts are common when ice is used, and the individual may start to develop sores with even short term use because of a tendency to pick at the skin.




Ice is a very dangerous drug that is highly addictive, and the physical and mental damage that this drug can cause is extensive. Before and after photos show that even a few months of ice use can drastically alter the health and appearance of the user/ This drug causes a considerable strain on the heart and the cardiovascular system and many users also suffer from sleep deprivation due to the inability to sleep while high. It is not uncommon for ice users to go days without sleep. When this happens psychosis can develop, even in individuals who were previously mentally sound and did not suffer from any mental disorders.