10 Drug Abuse and Rehab Facts You May Not Know

drug abuse, Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab1. Drug abuse does not just impact the individuals who are using the drugs, this activity impacts everyone who comes into contact with the user or cares about the individual.

2. The cost of drug addiction in the USA and Canada is almost $1 trillion each year. This amount includes all of the legal and criminal system costs, the traffic accident expenses, healthcare and healthcare abuse, lost productivity and wages, and other factors.

3. Roughly 66% of people who enter drug rehab typically report being the victim of abuse as a child, and the abuse may be sexual or physical.

4. Drug abuse and drug addiction is responsible for at least 50% of the crime in North America. In addition more than 50% of individuals who committed violent crimes were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crime was committed.

5. Between 10% and 25% of all traffic accidents involve a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Many people start drug abuse and end up needing drug rehab for a full blown drug addiction because of high amounts of stress and invisible wounds from the past.

7. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in North America, and it is a popular drug abuse choice for most age groups.

8. More than 10 million people in North America used drugs at least once in the year 2006.

9. Drug rehab is not received by up to 90% of the people that need this type of help.

10. Public or community run drug rehab programs have a higher relapse rate than luxury rehabs and Christian drug abuse treatment programs in most cases.


Are Designer Drugs Addictive? Is Drug Rehab Needed With These Substances?

designer drugs, Drug Rehab

Designer drugs may sound like something that the wealthy use, like designer cars and other top quality products with a high price tag, but the truth is that these substances are extremely dangerous. Are designer drugs addictive though? A common misconception is that designer drugs are not addictive, this is simply not true. Mental and physical addiction can develop if any drug is used for a prolonged period or in large amounts on a frequent basis. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse many of the designer drugs on the street today can cause an addiction to develop.


When a chemical dependence or physical tolerance for the designer drug being used starts there are a number of symptoms and risks involved. These include:


  • Intense physical or psychological cravings for the preferred substance can occur. Some designer drugs can produce both types of cravings at the same time.
  • Common withdrawal symptoms seen with other drugs. These can include excessive sweating, chills, tremors, agitation, and interrupted sleep or difficulty sleeping.
  • Changes in the social patterns and behaviors of the individual who is addicted.
  • Weight changes that occur unexpectedly. This may be a weight loss or gain, depending on the substances being used.
  • Difficulty at work or in school.
  • A lack of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed.
  • Drug seeking behavior and risky decisions that involve poor judgment.
  • Theft, so that the items or money stolen can be used to buy the preferred drugs of choice.




Why does Drug Addiction Affect Some People But Not Others?

Drug Addiction, Drug Rehab

One of the most commonly asked questions about drug addiction is why this condition affects some individuals but not others. There are some who try a drug and become hooked instantly, others may use the same drug repeatedly but not develop an addiction. There are some factors that will determine how susceptible you are to drug addiction and substance abuse. These factors include:


  • Genetics and Biology- Your genes help determine whether you are vulnerable to drug addiction or not, but this is just one of the many factors involved. Certain individuals are genetically predisposed to addiction, and entire families with many generations that have a history of substance abuse is common. The genetic traits that determine this are passed down from parents to offspring.
  • Environmental Factors- Drug addiction and substance abuse are also determined by environmental considerations. Peer pressure can cause the individual to try a drug which would not have been used without this influence. Lower incomes can also lead to this outcome, and so can the influence of family members.
  • Developmental Stages- During certain developmental stages the possibility for drug addiction or dependence is higher than at other times. When drug abuse occurs during critical developmental stages, especially adolescence, then the user is more likely to become dependent on the drug and stopping the drug abuse may be harder as a result.
  • Mental Disorders- Anyone with mental disorders may be more likely to develop a drug addiction. This may be due to the fact that the drugs that are abused are used in order to stop certain symptoms of the mental illness.


Courtney Wagner May Be Headed To Rehab After Drug Abuse Scandal

Courtney Wagner, drug abuse

Courtney Wagner, the child of movie stars Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, has been caught in a drug abuse scandal and sources say that drug rehab may be needed. On Sunday the police received a call stating that there was a gunshot at a specified location in Malibu, and that a woman was screaming. When police arrived no one was hurt but Courtney Wagner was found to be in possession of both heroin and cocaine. She was arrested and charged with felony drug possession but no mention was made of the quantities found. Courtney was lodged in jail and given a bail amount of $10,000, which was posted quickly and she was released. The gentleman who was with Wagner was also arrested but not for drug abuse, his charge was negligent discharge of a firearm.

Even celebrities and their children struggle with drug abuse, and may need drug rehab treatment. In fact some celebrities may be under larger than average stress and they often have access to large amounts of money. When drug abuse affects lower incomes the addiction is tempered in some ways by a lack of easy access to the money needed to buy the drugs. The upside is that many celebrities have the funds available to get drug rehab treatment that is effective, and that offers individual counseling. These centers can be expensive, but often better results are seen. When Courtney Wagner appears in court to answer the charges there may be discussions of inpatient drug rehab or other drug abuse treatment.

Wiz Khalifa Knows How To Roll, Marijuana That Is

Drug Rehab, marijuana

Wiz Kalifa may need drug rehab, and he definitely needs to someone to tell him that smoking marijuana in a crowded hotel is not the best way to stay inconspicuous. Wiz Khalifa, who was born with the name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, decided that a game of pass the blunt was in order, and his friend Lonnie Howard agreed. The problem was that the pair were staying in room 725 of the Holiday Inn in Nashville. Guests in rooms nearby complained to the desk clerk about the smell of marijuana, which was very strong and coming from room 725. After a desk clerk went to the room and asked the two friends to lay off the weed the cops were eventually called. Drug rehab is a definite must if your marijuana habit can not wait and you feel the need to do the drug in a hotel room where anyone passing by can smell it.

When the police arrived at the Holiday Inn Khalifa flicked the rest of the marijuana blunt out the room window, and denied that drug rehab was a possibility by telling officers that there was no marijuana in the room. Apparently the other guests were sharing a mass delusion, only a stoner would go with that story. The police searched outside the room and found the blunt leftover, and at that point Khalifa admitted to having 3.7 grams of the drug as well. Both Khalifa and Howard were cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession. A booking hearing will be held at the Davidson County Courthouse when the friends appear for the citation, and drug rehab is a very real possibility.