9 Ways To Keep Your Holidays Bright And Substance Free!

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1. When you start to feel stressed take a hot bath and soak. This can help release tension and will relax you, making you less likely to cave in to temptation. .


2. Stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water, juices, and non caffeinated beverages. Ginger ale and 7 up are both very popular with those who do not want to give in but who also do not want to be noticeably different during toasts and meals.


3. Go to bed early. When you get the sleep that you need you are more focused and can resist giving in more effectively.


4. Limit the events attended. Avoid trying to over do it. Try not to attend more than one or two events each week.


5. Go to an AA gathering or other 12 step meeting. This will reinforce the importance of sobriety and keep you from falling off the wagon.


6. Talk to your sponsor frequently. If you do not have a sponsor then talk with someone who is supportive of your goals.


7. Count your blessings. When you are tempted to relapse stop and think about everyone who loves you and everything that you will be throwing away.


8. Avoid any events where alcohol is the only beverage option. You do not have to say that you are in recovery, you can simply make up an excuse so no one gets hurt feelings.


9. Stay in for New Year’s Eve and have your own party. This allows you to control the foods and drinks served and makes it easier to avoid any potential relapse.


5 Reasons To Spend The Holidays In Rehab!

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1.The holidays can be a very depressing time, and if you have an addition or abuse drugs or alcohol then they can be even harder. The rate of overdoses and deaths during the holidays from drugs and alcohol go up considerably. If you spend this period receiving treatment you can lower the risks that you face.


2. Start your new year off the right way, clean and sober. New Years is a time for new beginnings and hope for the future. You may not experience these if you are still addicted and your life is spiraling further out of control.


3. Give your loved ones the gift of recovering. Your substance abuse does not just affect you, everyone you know and care about is also affected by your behavior and actions. If you finally accept treatment then the fact that you are not at any holiday celebrations will be a reason to rejoice, instead of a cause for sadness.


4. The holidays are a time for giving gifts, and you can give yourself the gift of a brighter future. If you have an addiction it will not go away without treatment. Sometimes the holidays may be enough of a reason to go into rehab, so that you can get your life back on track again.


5. Do not waste another year of your life. Substance abuse is a destructive habit that will not end until you seek treatment. Get the help you need during the holidays so that your family members and friends can also be thankful and feel peace.

Substance Abuse And Addiction Can Make Christmas Very Stressful!

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, gift giving, and family togetherness. For individuals with a substance abuse problem this is not always true though, and this time of year can be extremely stressful. Addiction causes friction between the addict and those who love them, and may turn any family events into arguments or repeated attempts to help which go nowhere. Families of addicts may end up with a lot of resentment as well as concern and fears, and this can make gatherings uncomfortable for everyone. When you have an addiction it may seem like the alcohol or drugs are the most important thing in the world, even a higher priority than family relationships and events. Often staying for more than a short time may be impossible because of the intense cravings experienced for the substance that is abused.


Suicide rates normally rise dramatically around the holidays, and many of these result from individuals who are tired of fighting the cravings or living the life of the addict. In addition accidental overdoses also go up substantially during this same time period because of the increased emotional overload, stress, and resulting substance abuse. If you are an addict there is help, and treatment methods that can work. Why not give yourself the best gift possible this holiday season, the help that you need for a normal life once again? The holidays do not have to mean depression, sadness, and feelings of isolation. You can conquer your substance abuse if you are willing to accept the help offered.


New Years Is A Relapse Trigger For Many Addicts!

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New Years is a time for parties and celebrations. If you are an addict then it is a time that may be ripe with triggers and relapse contributors though. Many believe that this time calls for drinks and merriment, but if you are recovering alcoholic or drug addict then this is exactly what you need to avoid. Everywhere you go you may be bombarded by ads, scenes from celebrations, and talk of drinking or abusing other substances as a routine part of plans for this holiday. This can make you much more likely to relapse if you are not careful, and all of the exposure may create an enormous amount of stress that can trigger a relapse. In the modern world it is not usually possible to isolate yourself and get away from temptation but there are steps you can take.


Instead of making plans to attend the hottest celebration in town for New Years why not plan on attending a meeting instead? This can help you get away from all the temptation and reinforce the importance of sobriety instead of contributing to your relapse. Another option is to hold your own celebration that is substance free. If this is your plan then make sure that only those who are supportive of your recovery are invited, and that everybody knows that alcohol or drugs will not be permitted at all. Those who love you will be willing to support your recovery efforts and celebrate substance free. This support can help ensure that you do not relapse during this holiday and make it a joyful time.


Why Does Addiction In A Family Make The Holidays Tough?

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Families of addicts have a tough time, and this is especially true during the holidays. From Thanksgiving through New Years the entire focus is on family and friends, and spending time with those you care about. For those who are affected because a loved one has an addiction this can also be the worst time as well as the best. Concerns about the safety, health, and welfare of your family member can eliminate the joy that this time of year normally brings. If the individual refuses to confront their substance abuse and accept help then there is nothing you can do until this changes. You may want to help very badly, but the addict must accept that there is a problem and be ready to accept assistance in dealing with it.


Many individuals with addiction or substance abuse issues try to avoid family gatherings, in order to avoid any possibility of the substance abuse coming up. Other addicts may show up but may not stay long, especially if anyone mentions help. This can cause many families to spend the best part of the year in turmoil, without the usual warm feelings that the holidays should bring. If the individual will not accept help some families may cut all ties until a change is made. This can lead to failing to show during the huge meals and gift exchanges, as well as an empty spot in the heart of those who love the addict. Tough love is often called for in order to avoid enabling the addict, but this is just as tough on loved ones as it is on the actual addict.


Is Rehab The Best Christmas Present You Can Give A Family Member?

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If you have a family member or other loved one who has problems with substance abuse or addiction should you give them rehab help as a holiday gift? The truth is that the individual with the problem must be the one to want help. Until this point is reached then all of the available programs in the world will not work and the addiction will continue. An intervention may be the first step to a complete recovery, and this may be arranged during the holiday to help your loved one understand how important this treatment is. If the individual is amenable to a rehab stay then this can be a great gift, one that affects everyone in the family and not just the addict.


Giving a rehab stay if the individual is not ready to accept help could be a waste of money though. Discuss the issue with the specific treatment program you are considering. It may be possible to pay for treatment without specifying a specific start date. If this is the case then you may want to pay for treatment in the future, in case the individual decides to seek help. If the program does not allow a pre payment in this method then the best move may be to wait and try to get your family member to see that they need treatment. The right program may not accept payment in advance without a specific start date, but that does not mean you should stop offering help and treatment assistance.

4 Ways To Get Through The Holidays Without Relapsing!

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The holidays are really tough for those with substance abuse problems. There are many ways that you can get through them without relapsing though. Some of these include:


1. Spend the day feeding the homeless or helping those less fortunate. Instead of sitting around with nothing to do volunteer at a shelter or offer to deliver meals to those who need them. Many do not have family or even the basic necessities, and you may realize just how fortunate you are in spite of your problems as well.


2. Go to a meeting. If the holidays roll around and you find yourself close to a relapse find out where there is a meeting and then attend. Many groups take steps to ensure that these meetings are widely available during the holidays because of the increase in the relapse rate seen.


3. Make an effort to reach out to those you have harmed in the past. Instead of going back to the old ways why not reach out to someone you have wronged and try to make amends? This time of year revolves around family and friends, but for many addicts these may be few and far between because of past behavior and actions.


4. Seek further treatment. If you find that the compulsion to relapse is strong then check into a rehab. Do not let this season ruin all of the hard work and achievements you have accomplished. If the desire to go back to substance abuse is strong then further treatment may be just the thing to help you stay on the right path.

A Look At Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

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Substance abuse treatment programs are all different, and offer different methods to treat addiction. One of the most important considerations with any substance abuse treatment program is the cost, and this is true for a few reasons. The cost of the program must be paid for, so you will need to find a facility that fits within your budget and insurance coverage. The other reason that cost is important is that cheap rehab programs do not have the funds available to offer a competent and completely effective substance abuse treatment program. Highly effective methods may cost hundreds of dollars an hour, something a typical rehab can not afford.


If you want substance abuse treatment that works you must be willing to pay for the therapy which has proven to be successful, and you must be willing to do the work required. Both of these components are essential for successful and permanent results from your substance abuse treatment. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not willing to work hard on addressing and resolving your issues you will never heal and will always have problems with addiction. The reverse is also true. You may want help desperately, but if your budget only allows a typical substance abuse treatment program your chances of success are much lower because you will not receive the intense counseling needed to eliminate the cause of your addiction.


A substance abuse treatment facility like Valiant Recovery can help you make your dream of sobriety a reality. Drugs and alcohol do not have to control your life, you can put this part of your life behind you for good when you choose the right program for your substance abuse treatment. A wide variety of options concerning therapy is essential, and Valiant Recovery offers many treatment options. Art, equine therapy, physical fitness, anger management, spiritual counseling, stress management, and many other programs allow you to heal and recover completely, so that substance abuse is no longer needed or desired.


Valiant Recovery is nothing like the usual substance abuse treatment facilities. An elegant and luxurious atmosphere, and a large professional staff that actually cares, also set this rehab far above most. You will get the personal attention and help that you deserve, so you can get back to your life and the really important things like family. Substance abuse treatment can work, when you get the best treatment money can buy and address the contributing factors effectively. This is where most rehabs fail, and why repeat treatment is so common. This is not a problem at Valiant Recovery, and our guarantee shows that the we stand behind the success of our programs.